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Low Hazard Boilers


Reasonable Price

By comparing the performance, safety, and operational ease, between Advanced boilers and any competitors’ boilers of the same class, you will find that ours are superior in all respects. Especially in terms of energy costs. You will be satisfied with its features backed by a reasonable price. 

Easy To Operate

All the switches used for daily operation are mounted on the front side making it easier to operate and handle.


  • Highest Efficiency – for lower running costs: 
    Independent tests of operating efficiency as high as 83%. This is a full 3% higher than most others on the market.
  • Fast Heat Up – start work faster:
    Maxitherm boilers make steam faster than most other boilers in their class.
  • Ease of Operation – minimal training and maintenance:
    All boilers are fully automatic and require minimal maintenance.
  • No Operator Certificates – anyone can operate:
    All models comply to AS2593, this means no operator certificates.*
    A.S.M.E. models available.
  • 24 Hours Per Day Service – faster response:
    Advanced Boilers pride themselves on quality service throughout Australia and many other countries using qualified, efficient and competent service personnel.

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