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watertube boiler

The Maxitherm Water Tube Boilers output range from small capacity up to large capacity of saturated up to superheated steam.

2MW 12 bar steam boiler

The Maxitherm Water Tube Boilers can use any type of fuel (Oil, Gas, Wood, Agricultural Waste, Coal, etc).

The Safe D Maxitherm Water Tube Boiler combine the proven qualities of the 2 drum D type construction with the outstanding successful concept of package construction.

This pre-engineered package steam generating system is designed and equipped for safe, fully automatic operation without the need for skilled operators. The degree of supervision depends only on the requirements of the relevant authorities.

Maximum safety has long been the aim of top boiler and combustion equipment designers and it was the top quality aimed at by Maxitherm Research & Development Engineers.

Proven D Type Boiler Structure

1MW 50 bar steam boiler

Maxitherm uses a D type configuration of the drums and tube assembly. The overwhelming advantages of this D type boiler design with its fast positive circulatory pattern.             
Accessibility and simplicity, has resulted in being chosen by almost every major manufacturer of package water tube boiler in the world.

The location of the steam drum over the convection tubes in the Maxitherm D type prevents the steam drum from ever being exposed to the radiant heat of combustion. In addition, Maxitherm boilers fitted for unattended or limited attendance operation have a heat shield to prevent the hot product of combustion from every in coming contact with the steam drum.

Type D configuration minimizes the number of tube bends and allows the use of large radius tube bends, factors that guarantee low maintenance and long life.

45MW 42 bar 400C steam boiler

Product Range

Gas/Liquid fired boilers

1 MW to 50 MW
10 to 70 bar

Larger capacities by request
30MW 40bar 450C boiler

Wood/Briquette /Coal /Baggase

1MW to 50 MW
10 to 70 bar

 Features include :
∙  “D” type configuration for simplicity
∙  Fin tube water walls for low maintenance
∙  Large  steam  and  water  drums  for  steam  purity  and good access
∙  Large   combustion  chamber  for  long  life  and   high efficiency
∙ Large bore tubes for ruggedness and dependability
∙  Proven reliability
∙  Conservative heat transfer rates                                                    
∙  Total package responsibility
∙  Complete accessibility for maintenance and inspection
∙  Unheated downcomers for positive circulation
∙  Fast respond to steam demand

watertube - 30MW 40bar 450C boiler
20MW wood fired boiler


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Watertube boiler, Steam boilers, used boilers, plc automation, gas burners, burner control, boiler efficiency, combustion engineering, LMV52.